Guelph Eastside Grocery Store Closer to Reality.

Guelph Eastside Grocery Store Closer to Reality.

While the East side of Guelph has been booming with new home development for a while now, there has been a distinct lack of amenities for area residents.

The boom in area new home construction has attracted a large number of residents, but they don’t have anywhere close to go to buy their groceries. Now it t looks like that situation may change, sooner than later.

Loblaws, who own property on the corner of Starwood Dr and Watson Parkway had previously said they didn’t have any plans to build a grocery store on this land for at least 10 years, however, it seems the announcement of the Guelph Innovation District, the planned 1,000-acre (452-hectare) commercial and residential development on the old Guelph Correctional Centre lands may have attracted their attention.

The development of the site of the Guelph Correctional Facility on York Road, now referred to as the Guelph Innovation District, will have a huge impact on the future of Guelph. The property is about 1,000 acres (436 hectares) which is larger than the University of Guelph campus’s 817 acres (330 hectares).

For more information follow this link:–councillors-hopeful-about-possibility-of-grocery-store-in-east-end


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